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Ways of communicating:

What do we do most days of our lives – communicate with people.

How much time do we spend doing this each day. This varies from person to person but, I bet if you kept a log for just one typical day, you would be surprised at just how much time you used.

Next question is how do we do it – well there are a great many choices, for example, email, text, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, telephone, Skype, answerphone message or perhaps the old fashion method of letter, oh and I nearly forgot, blogs and lastly but most importantly, by speaking to someone directly.

Most of us use a variety of methods but at least 3 or 4 of the above, I suspect.

Personally, I like to speak to people directly as in a 1 to 1 reading. My second choice would be by telephone, but that would be mainly for friends, relatives or people I am giving a reading to.

Now comes the interesting bit - how, you may ask do I communicate with my guides or with people’s loved ones in Spirit. I can’t telephone them or send them a text.

So what I do is to clear my mind, concentrate, then send a thought to Spirit and see how they communicate with me in return. Interestingly, it isn’t always in the same way.

You see, just as we choose different ways of communicating, so does Spirit. Sometimes they will put a thought into my head, sometimes it is a feeling, other times I will hear something or see pictures like on a small TV screen and at other times it is just a sense of knowing.

When connecting with Spirit I have even been given the taste of peppermints - which it turned out referred to someone’s loved one who was always sucking peppermints. Sometimes Spirit might give me a particular perfume that someone used or I might be given the smell of homemade bread if say the loved one enjoyed cooking.

The way we use emails, texts, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, Facebook etc to communicate with each other is great, but in the world of Spirit, communication really is special. In fact I think it’s amazing.

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